Sunday, February 5, 2017

if no for you papa matama, my home would have been destroyed

hello, good day everyone i am Nicole Brithney from USA, i am here to say a very big thanks to PAPA Matama for bringing back the love of my life with his spell casting, a day came when my husband came back from work and he said he was tired and i went towards him to give him a hug and kiss him, Offortunately he refuse to pay to my attentions. then i know something was wrong because my husband has never behaved the way he did, and when the kids came from school and i served lunch, i call him baby food is ready, he didnt respone to my call, i was not fully well in my heart, The next day he went for work and i followed him and to the greatest shock i found my husband with a woman kissing, and i went to fight the woman, my husband told me it is over with the marriage, that the woman here i see is her wife to be, and immediately i knew something was wrong, and i went straight home and pack my things that i was living and he came to me and brought a file and said he wants a divorced, he was so agile to go for the divorce, so three days to the divorce i was online searching about relationship advice for divorced women, and i meant a tesimony on how a great spell caster cure a woman called malissa fills and i read about it properly and saw the email of the spell caster, my mind splicts, to contact or not to, then i contacted the spell caster, and he welcomed me to his temple and he ask me what was the problem and i told him it is about my husband, that he wants to file a divorce on our marriage with 4 kids, and he told me to send him the picture of me and my husband and i did he told me he is going to cast the spell in 48 and he said he needed some consultations with his oracle and and i waited for his reply and he replied and said that there is a woman who has cast a spell on my husband that they will soo get marriage and i told him how do is stop this from happening and he told me he is going to cast a love reruniting spell on me and my husband to come back to each other love each other as never before and i followed as he instructed, and to my greatest shock he said my husband is going to come back to me in 48 hours, and i yield to it and waited, around 8 when he came from work i was at the sitting room he came to me and knelt down and start begging me to forgive him for what he have done, and i was so tramuatized and shocked, and i quickly hold unto him as instructed my papa matama and i hug him and told him i have forgave him. and later on i went to papa and told him that my husband is back to me, brothers and sisters papa matama is a real legit and God sent to save my family, i am forever indebted to you papa for helping me bring back the apple of my eyes back to me, you may be having the same situation, i believe if he can do mine he can do yours also, here is dr matama email:, he also said to me he can cure hiv and herpes also, give him and try and see for yourself. call or whatsapp him at +2348168782773, you may also like to visit his website also: this is my husband facebook name account philip james, you can add him up and clerify about the whole issue. thanks

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