Saturday, February 4, 2017

Thank you papa Matama for healing me.

hello to the general public. my names are Evelyn Roper, i am from USA California, and i am here to for  say a very big thank you to Dr.Matama, i have been suffering from HSV-2 2007, not past few months i was on the internet few months,when i saw a post of Sarah cooker of how she was cured from herpes simplex virus, and she shared her number also, i didn't wanted to contact neither of them,  but some good part of me told me to contact the doctor. and so i did, i told him how i have been scammed severally by those hoodlums who called themselves greatest spell casters. and i ask Dr Matama how will i go about it and he told me things and how the medication works and for me to be get cured from my illness. and he advised me, and spoke to me and showed me several testimonials, i contacted my testimonials also, and they told me the good work of Dr Matama, and i didn't believe at first and i doubted, and so he sent me a video of how he is going to prepare the medicine and how i will e taking it o video and i had it in me i have no hope and let me give it a try, and i gave it a try, and he told me that once he has prepare the medicine that he is going to send the medicine to me, and he said he will not waste time to work on my medicine, and two days came he told me to send my address and i did. i was hoping already i have been scam again.little did i know he said they were going to process my delivery to me with my detained name and address, and country, trust me. two days came when someone called the USA airfreight service agent called, and said my delivery is been sent forth. and he came to my house and gave me papers to sign and i did, and it was sealed, and later on i started taking the medicine and a week came Dr Matama told me to go for check up and i went and as the test was carried out, the dr told me how did this happen, and i told about it, and he told me he want some advice from Dr Matama, and wants to know about his spell. and i went to Dr Matama and told him the results shows i am now negative, you may be devastated and loose of hope, there is hope and Dr Matama showed me there is, you may also be in this situation and you have been out of heart to believe in this, try and believe because at the end you are going to be a live testimony to Dr Matama.YOU can visit his website also. may also need his help and assistance here is his email address call or whatsapp him +2348168782773

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