Friday, February 10, 2017


Two weeks back i red about a lady by the names of Edna williams who was telling how you helped her overcome the relationship problems and i sought for your help because the truth is i was just not happy at all in my marriage . My husband started changing since the beginning of this year coming back home very late , spending much of his time with his friends and drinking his money he couldn't even support us anymore the kids could miss their father i missed him to but he used to come midnight , sleep in his bed room he wanted nothing to do with me i wondered what have i done but i could not find an answer i love my husband even i don't believe in divorce so i was so worried .Being a working woman when he abandoned all his responsibilities i tried my best to support my kids and pay all the bills this drowned me in debts . Crying day and night when i red about what Williams wrote about you i decided to contact you on the number she had wrote but i was scared because the fact that she had paid it discouraged me however when you told me to pay US$220 i decided to pay as long as my husband could get back to me . After doing the prayers you told me that my husband was cheating and it was this woman making him drink together with friends this was not a surprise because i was suspecting it . Papa MATAMA am a happy woman now we do everything together as we used to be before, he comes home in time we spend time together as soon as he finishes work , no more drinking and we can share our responsibilities as a couple he confessed to me that he was seeing another woman , I know this woman too and she used Wicca . Am so great full that Papa MATAMA you destroyed all that and we are back again thanks a lot am letting everyone know that you can really settle relationships as you did to me and your spells are the best, today i am very happy. anyone can contact you on +2348168782773. I gave your number to my workmate MARTINS hope you help him in the same manner .(Renelsa 38 from Barbados. thanks

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